March 22, 2021

BulSU GEAR: BulSU launches its first Electronic Newsletter

Bulacan State University (BulSU), through the initiative of the BulSU Media Relations Office (MRO), launched its very first electronic newsletter called "BulSU GEAR", on March 22, 2021.

By External Relations and Internationalization

Originally proposed by the MRO Deputy Director Tricia P. Ompoc, the newsletter was decided to be in digital form (e-newsletter), for easier and safer dissemination specially during this time of pandemic.

According to Mr.Genher Cruz, the focal person of the MRO for the project, the e-newsletter was named the “BulSU GEAR” with the intent to stay true to the University’s branding and that the word connotes that the University is like a mechanism that is composed of moving parts or ‘gears’, that if one fails to function properly, the whole mechanism will also be affected. In that same sense, since BulSU is always number one, it can also be inferred that all of BulSU’s parts are functioning well.

Meanwhile, it is Assoc. Prof. Joseph Roy Celestino, one of the e-newsletter’s advisers, who gave GEAR the meaning “Gathered Endeavor and Achievement Report”, which matches perfectly with the purpose of the e-newsletter – to inform the BulSU community of each other’s achievements and hard work.

The contents of the first issue of the e-newsletter are a collection of the contributions of the different offices, collated and consolidated by the MRO, with the help of its advisers and language editors.